Frequently asked questions

What services do AirportRedCarpet.com provide ?

AirportRedCarpet.com offer VIP fast track, Airport Guide, porterage, Taxi/limo/chauffeur and flight delay/missed connection services that give you red carpet treatment at the airport whether you are for departing, arriving or just transiting through. The local AirportRedCarpet.com representative will guide you through the airport, speed you through security and immigration, giving you that VIP red carpet experience.

Who can book and use AirportRedCarpet.com services ?

AirportRedCarpet services are popular whether you are travelling on your own, with friends, your family or on that important business trip.
Even regular travellers looking for that seamless service to get them through the airport as quickly as possible.

Where are AirportRedCarpet.com services available?

AirportRedCarpet.com offer services at over 360 core airports with more coming online all the time, if there is a destination you are looking for and can’t get a quote via the booking tool, just get in touch and we will see if we can help.

How can I make a booking with AirportRedCarpet.com?

Just book or enquire via our website which is available in desktop, tablet or smartphone versions and you will get an instant price for the service you require and within a a few clicks your booking will be made and confirmed back to you.
When you make a booking AirportRedCarpet.com will create you a log in which is sent to you via email. This gives you access to all your bookings past & present which you can view wherever you are.

Can I make Event/Group or package booking with AirportRedCarpet.com?

If you are booking for a group of 8 people or more or looking for a package just get in touch directly with AirportRedCarpet.com via the contact us page and one of our event team will get in contact to help you with your booking.

How is my booking confirmed by AirportRedCarpet.com?

AirportRedCarpet.com will confirm your booking on the screen and then follow up with an email confirmation which you can check the booking details are correct.
The confirmation email will include your booking reference number which will be needed when you arrive at the airport, the booking confirmation is available from AirportRedCarpet.com on your mobile & tablet device.

How do I amend or cancel my booking with AirportRedCarpet.com?

Bookings can be both amended and cancelled online with AirportRedCarpet.com via your own log in on our site via desktop, tablet or mobile. under the “My Bookings” heading.
Any changes to the booking will be confirmed by email.
If the booking amendment or cancellation is within 24 hours then please call AirportRedCarpet.co on +44 (0) 845 299 7456 customers services option 1

In the case of special assistance (e.g. Wheelchair Requirement) what do we do?

In the case of special assistance, the booker/traveller should contact the airline they are travelling with who will assist with the special assistance needs.

What happens when I arrive at the airport?

The AirportRedcarpet.com agent will have contacted you at least 24 hours before the service to give you details of where our local representative will meet you, including the name and mobile telephone number of the person meeting you.
For arrival and transit passengers, our representative will normally wait with a name board at the air-bridge, in some cases, where airport security prevent this, or where passengers are taken away from the plane on a bus, our representative will meet you at the earliest point possible inside the terminal.
Our AirportRedCarpet.com agent will meet you from your means of transportation to the airport for example, curb-side outside the airport terminal or at the rail station concourse.

Do I need to have any details of my booking with me?

We would recommend that you have your booking confirmation with you, either in print format or make sure you have your email confirmation visible on your tablet or mobile device.

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