Covid-19 and Air Travel

Whilst travel is generally restricted around the world the restrictions do vary region to region, country to country which can make the choices re travel difficult to make.

Generally travel by air is one of the safest ways to travel with both airlines and airports putting procedures in place to make your journey as safe as possible, combined with the general guidelines of washing hands, respecting the social distancing rules and masks there is no reason to feel unsafe.

We at have made our system enquiries only during this pandemic to ensure the services we provide are:

1 – Available
2 – We can confirm what the service entails
3 – And that traveller safety is paramount

It is also wise to check on your own government sites to see what travel advice is available for the destination you are travelling to, also check your travel insurance is valid for Covid-19 related instances as you may find that if non essential travel is restricted by your country then your travel insurance may be invalid.

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