What is a Fast Track Service

Airport FastTrack is a service that expedites your journey through the airport be that arrival or departure. Travellers are met at either the air bridge for arrivals or as they arrive at the airport for departures and then helped through immigration fast track lanes so no queuing, they are helped with their luggage and any issues that arise.

If it is an arrival service the agent will also liaise with any transport that is due to pick up travellers from the airport so they can leave the airport with the minimum of fuss.

A departure service is in reverse with the agent liaising with the travellers at the airport so they are met as soon as they arrive, then escorted to check in if required, through the fast track immigration lanes and then onto an airport lounge if they have access and then finally to their departure gate.

So what are the benefits of an airport fast track service?

  • Services of local agent who has good knowledge of the airport
  • Access to the immigration fast track lanes to speed you through immigration and customs
  • Assistance with your luggage (May be an extra charge)
  • Assistance at check in
  • Assistance at immigration desk
  • Escorting to your lounge and departure gate

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